Confirmed: TUNNELS OF ĀH(uk)

TUNNELS OF ĀH is the new project of former Head of David founder and frontman Stephen Āh Burroughs. With TUNNELS OF ĀH, Burroughs revisits the spirit of his pre-HoD roots in the early 80’s ‘industrial/experimental’ scene in Birmingham, England where he regularly played along side the likes of CON-DOM and Final in that small but fertile community.

Thematically TUNNELS OF ĀH explores Burroughs’ life long interest in esoteric subjects such as Gnosticism, magick and Buddhism to create an atmospheric mood of entreaty and supplication, as heard on the first TUNNELS OF ĀH album ‘Lost Corridors.

Live, TUNNELS OF ĀH combine fractured bursts of noise and ominous drones to create a subtle and absorbing sound.



Confirmed: INSTITUTION D.O.L.(a)

Tower Transmissions is delighted to announce…

Confirmed: INSTITUTION D.O.L.(a)

INSTITUTION D.O.L. was founded in 1998 by Barbie B., who sees and describes the work and music as Industrial Music, as an ultimate soundtrack for visualising all aspects of life. And this can be very much, from quiet ambient tracks to rolling and rhythmic heavy patterns until real noisy sounds. In the era I (from 1998 until 2008) INSTITUTION D.O.L. played live in several european countries like The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Denmark & Austria with bands and artists like WHITEHOUSE, DEUTSCH NEPAL, PAN SONIC, HYBRYDS, BAD SECTOR, RAPOON, Z´EV, THOROFON, HERBST9, ALLERSEELEN, KNIFELADDER, NAEVUS, SIEBEN, FM EINHEIT, PETER REHBERG, RUSSELL HASWELL, etc. It was a real good and successful time but nevertheless in 2008 Barbie B. quitted all musical activities. Era II started in early 2014, after ages in total isolation. And it was the person MK Vermin who blowed Barbie B. her cold aspiration of purest negation, contempt and radicality in his face and after this together they reanimated this rotting industrial music project. TOWER TRANSMISSIONS IV is going to be the first live concert since nearly 7 years and with MK Vermin on stage Barbie B. returns with INSTITUTION D.O.L. in a brilliant shape!


Confirmed: PAIN NAIL(fin)

Marko Kokkonen, Mikko Aspa(Grunt)

Despite being alive since ‘97, there is very little available from Pain Nail so far, and most releases are sold out by now. The style is combination of violent power electronics tracks and noisy metal, percussion based industrial sound. The former is the much more dominating element.

Most of Pain Nail material is generated with analog equipment, effects and physical elements (metal percussion etc) which quarantees noisy and “primitive” approach to the music. No clean sounding drum machines or fancy editing!Image

Confirmed: NORDVARGR(s) Dark Ambient Set

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk has since 1988 systematically explored the broad field of the post-industrial music scene, covering noise, power electronics, militant, dark ambient, drone, blackened noise, EBM, experimental electronics and avantgarde.

In parallel to his band activities, he has pursued a solo career with a vast amount of record releases. He is widely considered one of the most influential and productive post-industrial artists ever.


First act confirmed! VILGOĆ(pl)

VILGOĆ(pl) Harsh Noise Wall!

VILGOC – started in 1998 mainly as a PE/Harsh Noise project. After years of self-destructive noise struggle, in 2011 VILGOC decided to change its direction towards “self-implosion” and started to act and perform strictly as a Harsh Noise Wall [HNW] project at all. Nowadays VILGOC define itself as: sound-egzaration +HNW+