Tickets on sale!

Friday ticket: €30
Saturday ticket: €30
2 day ticket early bird(until 31st August) €50
Payable by paypal, banktransfer.
Please state your name, number and type of tickets, and preferred payment method(all fees paid by purchaser).
Get buying!


Tickets on sale next Monday!

Tickets for Tower Transmissions IV are on sale next Monday!
There will be 3 types of tickets available: Individual day tickets and 2 day tickets.
Prices and methods of payment will also be announced on Monday.

One final addition to the festival!

Brutalist concrete collages from the inimitable and uncompromising LUMBAR PUNCTURE. Hanging plunging bass guitar strikes and demonic, ultra-wide wails from a rusty cowbell hook which scrapes its way up the sound’s spine. An ecstatically abusive, furious maelstrom of coloured noise is rail-eroded by a pistoning undercarriage that sounds like it careened out of mid ’90s Berlin into a noise-techno receptive of the future. The intent behind it is meditative malevolence, seeking to dilate and masticate mind and body to euphoric effect The role of power into the music of LP is a mixture of petrifying desert of doom Vocals against hob-nailed wooden or metal percussion and dark, heavy bassdrones to leave you in a puddle of our own piss. It’s all very punishing on the ears, but constitutes essential listening for anyone with a fondness for the early output of contemporaries like Balog. If you’re of an open-minded sonic persuasion this is highly recommended.