Confirmed: 1997EV (It)

Confirmed: 1997EV (It) Experimental/Psychedelic Noise

In the proudest acid style …

We Are A Neurotic Cyberpunk Psychedelic Mutopia.
We Are Nuclear Fissions Hating Being Confined.
We Are A Declaration On Acceleration.
We Are A Stroboscopic Nihilist Kaleidoscope.
We Overdrive Our Burst Of Impronatural Energy And Accelerated Thoughts.
We Are An Army Of Bastard Rodents Addicted To The Anatomy Of Your Own Psychic Life.

1997EV is an experimental post-apocalyptic project born somewhere… some time before now.

The project focused into experimenting several heavy-on-drones and drum machines recordings, flowing from both a surreal trance-impro style to a subliminally cosmical-industrial feel, facing an upward progression toward a more abstract and methaphysical sound, a fusion of atonal and hypnotic acid-rock and psycho-folk, a kaleidoscope of pseudo-digital suites and ectoplasmic sub-lunar projections.

1997EV following efforts refocused towards even outer recesses and sonic wanderings around the form of a post-technological cosmogony.

1997EV has been seeding its tight sonic sound for years showing the spell of interacting within the deep wall of sound resulting on stage and is manifested live by Andrea Ev, Janlux Derlist and Tzii.
We strive to bring you on this unique event our hypno-thrashing sonic conspiracy above all else … and hope you inspire us do the same.

We have no idea of where the hell we’re going!
… or maybe we have!



Confirmed: EINLEITUNGSZEIT (Sk) Death-Industrial/Noise/Performance

This Slovak band exists for more than 20 years.
The early experiments later led to ultimate Death-Industrial sound which brought Einleitungszeit the status one of the genre top-classics.
Longtime original set-up changed in 1999 when P-01 (Patryc Cyber) was replaced by hallucinatory throat of Martin Jarolim (from VO.I.D).
P-01 capitulated and still dedicates himself to his solo project Simulacrvm which debut CD Zevgma was released two years ago on Old Europa Café.

The very first tapes Die Menschzerstörung, Menschliche Destruktive Zivilisation and Kremation Gesch-Lechtslos were released by Slovak Crewzine. This material was followed by LP Aus dem Laboratorium on German Art Konkret label.
Another release L´accouchement Des Machines Humaines was realized on Finnish label Freak Animal.
Afterwards American cult Recalcitrant Noise took care about this project and the results were two vinyl albums R Mensch I Tanatologie (2LP) and Aus der Leichenkammer which was censored on Slovakia because of quite shocking and unacceptable cover.

After many releases are Einleitungszeit well-known worldwide nowadays and their live performances have been seen by audiences not only in Slovakia and Czechia but also in Poland and Germany – with more then positive reaction and successful acceptance.

Einleitungszeit live actions are very intense, often described as „negative or destructive”, but they have more common with ecstasy when R-01 uses grinder directly on his chest (protected only with thin metal plate) or burning his hands with asbestos gloves or grinding an iron band around his neck. Sometimes, these emanations of joy could not be left without a harm; R-01 was burned or hit by electricity for many times.

The sound is absorbing, clear and powerful. Forty minutes of their stage storm brings ecstasy and feelings of transformation through sound, spirit and fire. The imagery of master-slave relationship, the embodiment of human alienation, those are information transmitted by the cyber-apostles for the next century, for hybrids and clones century.

Confirmed: SATORI (Uk)

Confirmed: SATORI (Uk) Dark Ambient/Noise/Industrial

A spore. Or a seed. Or maybe a drop of blood. There is always something left. Just when everyone thought the devil was done, the alien defeated, it comes back.
More powerful, stronger and much much angrier. To lay waste the land, destroy the positive and breathe its fetid stench in the face of light. We should have known.
Should have realised that in the vacuum left by its departure something would grow. Expanding and multiplying to fill the void.
Recycling its hate, constricting hope and slowly, surely getting pissed at the world. Do we deserve its seething rage? Yes we probably do.

Dave Kirby formed Satori in the early 1980s with Rob Maycock, released music on the legendary Broken Flag label and then, just as quickly as they had arrived, stopped.
Resurrected briefly to promote a retrospective CD “Infect” Dave and Justin Mitchell (Cold Spring Records) joined forces to blast a total wall of noise to unsuspecting gig-goers.
Then Dave vanished. Justin along with new recruit Neil Chaney (Pessary) released the album “Kanashibari” in 2008. After touring the UK, Europe and Japan things went quiet again.

Until now. Dave is back with ten new Satori tracks. Classic Power Electronics, Industrial and Dark Ambient soundscapes sculpted from a collection of alienating electronica, found sound and heavy drums.

“The Hanging” marks both a new beginning and a continuation of a project now 30 years old but, most importantly, the chance to hear over an hour of brand new Satori.

Confirmed: AIT! (It)

Confirmed: AIT! (It) Experimental/Avant-Garde/Post-Industrial
AIT! is the one-man band of Tairy Ceron, an Italian artist active in the Industrial-music area since 1997, when he started recording Death-Industrial music releasing several albums as “Today, I’m Dead”, produced by the cult label Slaughter Productions.
In 2002 He stopped that project and created AIT!
AIT!’s music is uneasy to be labeled, due to its many and different musical styles, including electronic, experimental, noir-folk, spacy-lounge, punk, and more…yet always reviewed and interpreted with a distinctive Industrial and very dark key.
After the highly acclaimed album “Romanticismo Oltranzista” (2007), AIT! has not released new albums and also chosen not to play concerts for many years.
After a long silence, he has played a couple of selected gigs, performing only new songs as preview of his forthcoming new album, that will finally be released this year!
According to people present at those concerts, the new songs are quite different from the previous works, and also the approach on stage is considerably mutated.
Tower Transmissions will be a good occasion to discover the new essence of AIT!

Confirmed: SICK SEED (Fin)

Confirmed: SICK SEED (Fin) Power-Electronics/Industrial.
Sick Seed is an ever-evolving and mutating Power Electronics Industrial band/project that started in 2008 as a continuum of Pekka PT’s previous harsh noise project Gelsomina.
Musically SS releases and live shows have ranged from barbaric P.E. attacks to dusty Industrial no-wave blues and several places in between. Thematically there have been nearly no limits from primitive perversions to sarcastic social commentary to obscure esotericism and back.
In 2016 Sick Seed performs Pure Industrial Musick and Rust Magick and stands for Discordianism without humour.


Confirmed: SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 (It) Infernal Industrial
Infernal Industrial from Italy since 2005. Satanismo Calibro 9 is a mix of primitive ritual soundscapes, harsh blasts, Power Electronics and Death Industrial. After the first cdr released by Open Wound, (label of Trev Ward, The Grey Wolves), SC9 signed to the cult label Old Europa Cafe.
Last autumn SC9 celebrated its first decade at X Congresso Post Industriale together with Djinn, Le Cose Bianche, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Trepaneringsritualen and MZ412.
During the past years the concept evolved, creating a unique esoteric system permeating every release and live show.

Confirmed: NOCTURNE (Fr)

Confirmed: NOCTURNE (Fr) Industrial/Experimental

We make noise because we are alive and we will have all the time for the calm!

Saphi is the origin of Nocturne and it began its first analog and industrial experiences in 1994. Its first concerns were that of global memory and guilt, the notion of choice and free will. Face a situation we only find an attitude to adopt in order to react to an emergency and can keep us going. But our biological logic is distinguished from the social logic, and our internal opposition goes sometimes against what we really are or would like to be. It’s in the intimacy of reasoning which arise the first conflicts before their possible extensions, that oscillates Nocturne.

We will destroy everything, even our ruins!