Confirmed: AIT! (It)

Confirmed: AIT! (It) Experimental/Avant-Garde/Post-Industrial
AIT! is the one-man band of Tairy Ceron, an Italian artist active in the Industrial-music area since 1997, when he started recording Death-Industrial music releasing several albums as “Today, I’m Dead”, produced by the cult label Slaughter Productions.
In 2002 He stopped that project and created AIT!
AIT!’s music is uneasy to be labeled, due to its many and different musical styles, including electronic, experimental, noir-folk, spacy-lounge, punk, and more…yet always reviewed and interpreted with a distinctive Industrial and very dark key.
After the highly acclaimed album “Romanticismo Oltranzista” (2007), AIT! has not released new albums and also chosen not to play concerts for many years.
After a long silence, he has played a couple of selected gigs, performing only new songs as preview of his forthcoming new album, that will finally be released this year!
According to people present at those concerts, the new songs are quite different from the previous works, and also the approach on stage is considerably mutated.
Tower Transmissions will be a good occasion to discover the new essence of AIT!

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