Confirmed: EINLEITUNGSZEIT (Sk) Death-Industrial/Noise/Performance

This Slovak band exists for more than 20 years.
The early experiments later led to ultimate Death-Industrial sound which brought Einleitungszeit the status one of the genre top-classics.
Longtime original set-up changed in 1999 when P-01 (Patryc Cyber) was replaced by hallucinatory throat of Martin Jarolim (from VO.I.D).
P-01 capitulated and still dedicates himself to his solo project Simulacrvm which debut CD Zevgma was released two years ago on Old Europa Café.

The very first tapes Die Menschzerstörung, Menschliche Destruktive Zivilisation and Kremation Gesch-Lechtslos were released by Slovak Crewzine. This material was followed by LP Aus dem Laboratorium on German Art Konkret label.
Another release L´accouchement Des Machines Humaines was realized on Finnish label Freak Animal.
Afterwards American cult Recalcitrant Noise took care about this project and the results were two vinyl albums R Mensch I Tanatologie (2LP) and Aus der Leichenkammer which was censored on Slovakia because of quite shocking and unacceptable cover.

After many releases are Einleitungszeit well-known worldwide nowadays and their live performances have been seen by audiences not only in Slovakia and Czechia but also in Poland and Germany – with more then positive reaction and successful acceptance.

Einleitungszeit live actions are very intense, often described as „negative or destructive”, but they have more common with ecstasy when R-01 uses grinder directly on his chest (protected only with thin metal plate) or burning his hands with asbestos gloves or grinding an iron band around his neck. Sometimes, these emanations of joy could not be left without a harm; R-01 was burned or hit by electricity for many times.

The sound is absorbing, clear and powerful. Forty minutes of their stage storm brings ecstasy and feelings of transformation through sound, spirit and fire. The imagery of master-slave relationship, the embodiment of human alienation, those are information transmitted by the cyber-apostles for the next century, for hybrids and clones century.


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