Confirmed: BAD SECTOR (it)

Confirmed: BAD SECTOR (it) Ambient/Industrial/Experimental
Bad sector is a musical project created in 1994 by Massimo Magrini (from Lucca, Tuscany). Bad Sector’s music is considered a mixture of ambient and industrial music, a mix of electronic experimentation and usually dark emotions. Magrini himself describes it as “deeply emotional dark ambient noise”. Common themes (as reflected in album and track titles) include microbiology, algorithms, physics, and space exploration. During the years, he recorded many albums and singles, in all formats, with various labels.
Magrini has collaborated for long time with ISTI, one of the institutes by CNR – National Research Institute of Italy, releasing original gesture interfaces to be used in live performances. Together with Zairo (Where) he also created Olhon, a project which explores the territories between dark ambient and concrete experimental music using sounds recorded in extreme locations (deep caves, underwater etc.).
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Confirmed: JANITOR (s)

Confirmed: JANITOR (s) Industrial/Experimental

Confirmed: IUGULA-THOR (it)

Confirmed: IUGULA-THOR (it) Experimental/Power Electronics.

Italian Experimental Power Electronics project formed by Andrea Chiaravalli with the assistance of Paolo Bandera and Eraldo Bernocchi. Many of the early recordings were heavily influenced by thrash and speed metal. Since 1994 the project has primarily been just Andrea with the assistance of Paolo Bandera, verging more closely on noise oriented territories. After a period of inactivity started in 1999, 2012 has seen a new track appearing on a compilation, while recording has been completed for new albums and live appearances have started again.

Iugula-Thor has often been closely tied with Sigillum S, as Andrea Chiaravalli has often assisted that project in the studio and live, especially during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Confirmed: SCATMOTHER (d)

Confirmed: SCATMOTHER (d) Filthy Power Electronics
Scatmother plays ugly and obsessive Power Electronics. Having released two full-length albums on Filth and Violence, the project stays flexible in approach and also takes inspiration from Death Industrial and Harsh Noise. Cruel and spiteful material revolving around themes such as death worship, perversion and disregard for human life.


Confirmed: OPERATION CLEANSWEEP (d) – Power Electronics