One month to go…..

Exactly one month to go until Tower Transmissions VI.
Pre-sale will end in approximately 3 weeks.
Tickets are selling really well so don’t be disappointed, get your ticket now!
Tickets are on sale from here:

WERTHAM video at Tower Transmissions fest

On Friday and Saturday 16/17 , TOWER TRANSMISSIONS VI festival will screen a new exclusive WERTHAM video “Culprit” is the new chapter of the “In Absentia” video series, whic…

Source: WERTHAM video at Tower Transmissions fest


On Friday and Saturday at TOWER TRANSMISSIONS VI we will screen a new exclusive video from Marco Deplano (WERTHAM/CALIGULA 031).

“Culprit” is the new chapter of the “In Absentia” video series, which stands as a replacement in non-physical form of Wertham’s live actions.

This work is the ideal follow-up of previous videos, a non-intellectual research on criminal mentality from the guilt’s perspective. A rough attempt to dig in the mind of a nameless delinquent standing above the law.

The video was prepared exclusively for the Tower Transmissions festival; sounds are taken from the forthcoming new Wertham’s full length album “Bodies Under Siege” and dwell in classic 90’s European Power-Electronics, with full-frontal vocal assault.

Tickets available here:


Tickets on sale/full line-up!!

Tickets on sale now from here:

Cost:€62 (including all fees)

Line-up 2016:

1997EV (it)

AIT! (it)









SNUFF (fin)




Confirmed: SÖLDNERGEIST (D) Power-Electronics/Death Industrial

Line-up is now complete. Tickets on sale tomorrow.

Confirmed: SALÒ SALON (D)

Confirmed: SALÒ SALON (D) Death Industrial/Ambient Noise

“Salò Salon is a German Death Industrial/Ambient Noise one-man project that started in 2013.

Embedded between the priorities of cultural and metaphysical pessimism with a strong historical accentuation it tries to create an atmosphere of mental disturbance as a reflection on, amongst other things, the circulation of ideas during the first half of the 20th century.

The sound itself based primarily on metal (percussion), collages, noises, and subtle “melody” fragments. – O giungere o spezzare.”

Confirmed: CLUB MORAL (B)

Confirmed: CLUB MORAL (B) Industrial/Experimental/Noise
‘Dienstälteste europäische Power-Electronics Industrial
Aktivisten & live Terroristen’
Club Moral is a pioneering electronic Noise band by visual artists AMVK & DDV.
AMVK (Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven) is an artist whose work involves painting, drawing, film and computer art.
DDV (Danny Devos) is an artist whose work involves machine sculptures, installations and performance art.
They started performing live as Club Moral with experimental music in 1981.
Club Moral played on numerous occasions in music venues, art galleries, noise festivals, museums and even in people’s private apartments.
Club Moral played in most European countries, toured in Australia and played once in the United States.
Club Moral released several cassettes, appeared on numerous compilations and several historical re-releases.
Every Club Moral concert is a unique mix of electronic sounds, vocal anomalies and disruptive imagery, specifically chosen for the date and place of the particular event.


Confirmed: GENOCIDE ORGAN (D) Power-Electronics/ Death Industrial

Genocide Organ is a German that group that formed in 1985.

“We never say what we think, and we never believe what we say, and if we tell the truth by accident, we hide it under so many lies that it is difficult to find out”


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