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Confirmed: Etant Donnés (fr)

Confirmed: Etant Donnés (fr)

First German concert in 19 years!!

Born in Rabat, Morocco, Eric and Marc Hurtado founded in 1977 the band Etant Donnés that quickly became essential in the field of Performance and Experimental Music , recording approximately 30
albums and counting numerous collaborations with major artists from the international music and cinema scene (Alan Vega, Genesis P. Orridge, Michael Gira, Lydia Lunch, Philippe Grandrieux, Mark Cunningham, Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka …)

Etant Donnés has participated in prestigious festivals and exhibitions such as Documenta in Kassel, The Kitchen in New York, Matresss Factory Pittsburgh, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle,Eurokaz in Zagreb, Sonar in Barcelona, Biennale of Lyon , Centre Pompidou, Foundation Cartier, Etrange Festival in Paris , Transmusicales de Rennes, Berlin Atonal, Berlin Prix Europa etc …

In 2012 they finished the film « Jajouka, something good comes to you » shouted in the village of Jajouka in Morroco and that was acquired for the collection of the MoMA in New York.

Confirmed: BAD SECTOR (it)

Confirmed: BAD SECTOR (it) Ambient/Industrial/Experimental
Bad sector is a musical project created in 1994 by Massimo Magrini (from Lucca, Tuscany). Bad Sector’s music is considered a mixture of ambient and industrial music, a mix of electronic experimentation and usually dark emotions. Magrini himself describes it as “deeply emotional dark ambient noise”. Common themes (as reflected in album and track titles) include microbiology, algorithms, physics, and space exploration. During the years, he recorded many albums and singles, in all formats, with various labels.
Magrini has collaborated for long time with ISTI, one of the institutes by CNR – National Research Institute of Italy, releasing original gesture interfaces to be used in live performances. Together with Zairo (Where) he also created Olhon, a project which explores the territories between dark ambient and concrete experimental music using sounds recorded in extreme locations (deep caves, underwater etc.).
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Confirmed: JANITOR (s)

Confirmed: JANITOR (s) Industrial/Experimental

Confirmed: IUGULA-THOR (it)

Confirmed: IUGULA-THOR (it) Experimental/Power Electronics.

Italian Experimental Power Electronics project formed by Andrea Chiaravalli with the assistance of Paolo Bandera and Eraldo Bernocchi. Many of the early recordings were heavily influenced by thrash and speed metal. Since 1994 the project has primarily been just Andrea with the assistance of Paolo Bandera, verging more closely on noise oriented territories. After a period of inactivity started in 1999, 2012 has seen a new track appearing on a compilation, while recording has been completed for new albums and live appearances have started again.

Iugula-Thor has often been closely tied with Sigillum S, as Andrea Chiaravalli has often assisted that project in the studio and live, especially during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Confirmed: SCATMOTHER (d)

Confirmed: SCATMOTHER (d) Filthy Power Electronics
Scatmother plays ugly and obsessive Power Electronics. Having released two full-length albums on Filth and Violence, the project stays flexible in approach and also takes inspiration from Death Industrial and Harsh Noise. Cruel and spiteful material revolving around themes such as death worship, perversion and disregard for human life.


Confirmed: OPERATION CLEANSWEEP (d) – Power Electronics

Confirmed: CHRISTBLOOD (pl)

Confirmed: CHRISTBLOOD (pl) – Industrial/Experimental
Eglonyl Forte Galina Kasmitchny Tomasz Agnostic
Group was founded in 1995. Multimedia audiovisual performances presented by Christblood in the second half of the nineties aroused interest of the public and attained almost cult status in the circles of avant-garde and independent experimental music. Their work balances on the border of provocation, esoterism and neohumanism, between transgression, industrial and noise.
The essence of Christblood music are stage projects during which performers and participants connect with each other in common unusual musical experience. Its practice conceptually refers to the principles of total art, born of the desire for free transition from painting to sound, from words to colors, from paratheatrical masquerade to trance ritual on stage.
Christblood art, is consistently oriented toward formal and substantial transgression.
1996 – Adoratus Luna /MC: Face Productions/
1996 – Coma /MC: Face Productions/
2000 – Nocturnus /CD: Face Productions/
2008 – Elementa /CD: Netcetera/
2010 – Adoratus Luna /CD: Netcetera/
2010 – Coma /CD: Netcetera/
tracks on compilation albums:
1998 – Goth Tales Volume I – Night Falls /Venture Beyond Records/
1998 – Goth Tales Volume II – Descend /Venture Beyond Records/
2000 – In:Sonic Compilation /Sled In May Records/
2000 – Simulacra Soundscape /Face Productions/
2009 – /Okultura/
2010 – Simulacra Soundscape 2 /Netcetera/
2010 – Encyclopaedia Of Industrial Music (Volume 1) /Impulsy Stetoskopu/
2011 – From Earth To Sirius /Zoharum/


Confirmed: THIGHPAULSANDRA (uk) – Experimental/Avant-Garde Electronics

Born in Pontypridd, South Wales into an exceptionally musical family, Thighpaulsandra developed an early interest in modern classical and electronic music. Whilst still in school he formed an avant-garde rock group incorporating influences from his admiration for Cage and Stockhausen . Feeling constrained by the British educational establishment, he left school and spent five years working first as a psychiatric nurse and later on as a piano technician. Because of his technical expertise gathered with his group, The Rachel Dennis Sisters, he was offered a job in a local recording studio, which eventually led to him becoming the manager and house engineer. Among his many clients was Julian Cope, who after discovering Thighpaulsandra’s shared appreciation of Krautrock and electronics invited him to become the keyboard player in his group. They recorded many albums together between 1994 and 2002 including ‘Autogeddon’ and ‘Interpreter’ and also formed the glam-electronic duo Queen Elizabeth producing two albums.
During Thighpaulsandra’s tenure with Cope he garnered the attention of John Balance from Coil who, after an introduction via Thighpaulsandra’s management, became a great friend. Thighpaulsandra was eventually asked to join Coil leading to a creative renaissance in the group’s career, he was elemental in convincing the notoriously hermetic Coil to perform live.
He contributed to all major Coil albums from 1999’s ‘Astral Disaster’ to ‘Colour Sound Oblivion’ in 2010, a retrospective live DVD set, released after Balance’s untimely death in 2004. His influence is especially poignant on fan-favourites ‘Musick to play in the Dark Vol 1 and 2’.
From 1997 to 2008 Thighpaulsandra also performed as keyboard player in Spiritualized. Drafted in after the sudden departure of Kate Radley, he contributed to the albums ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’, ‘Let it Come Down’, ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Songs in A&E’ and also engineered 2012’s ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’. In 2007 Thighpaulsandra joined Cyclobe for their first live performance at the Donau Festival in Krems, Austria. He also contributed to the Cyclobe album ‘Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window’. After several years of working on an as yet unreleased studio project with former Cocteau Twin Elizabeth Fraser, Thighpaulsandra played keyboards and electronics for her first post-Cocteau Twins solo live shows in 2012 at the prestigious Royal Festival Hall. 2013 saw Thighpaulsandra touring with friends Wire performing in the UK and Europe.
Honouring a long-time dream of his friend and Coil co-founder Peter Christopherson who had passed on in 2010, Thighpaulsandra was elemental in compiling and editing the first ever book of his photographic art, ‘Peter Christopherson Photography’ as well as a book of John Balance’s little known sketches and drawings, ‘Bright Lights and Cats With No Mouths’, which were published to universal acclaim by Timeless in 2014. Thighpaulsandra’s music was used in the 2015 production of ‘Caitlin’ by Light, Ladd and Emberton, which won Best Dance Production in the Wales Theatre Awards.
Encouraged by Balance and Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra started to release his own music in 2000. The initial ‘Some Head Ep’ to which Balance contributed vocals was followed with series of albums including ‘I, Thighpaulsandra’, ‘Double Vulgar’, ‘Double Vulgar 2’, ‘Rape Scene’, ‘Chamber Music’ and the ‘Lepore Extrusion’. Several years in the making, Thighpaulsandra’s latest album, ‘The Golden Communion’ was released on Editions Mego in September 2015.
Thighpaulsandra is currently working on several new projects with members of Wire and Zu and also performing extensive restoration work on the Coil back catalogue with a view to future release.